14 October 2013

Groovy / Grails / GORM - File Name Too Long

Yet another "File Name Too Long" workaround :-(

Normal day - was just gonna add one more check to my nice .where{} closure. But when I did, everything blew up in my face - and I'm sitting here with no eyebrows.

The file will no longer compiles!

#grails test-app
/home/finn/src/stratos/stratos/target/classes/no/nsb/stratos/MyService$_updateAllWithChanges_closure5_closure7_closure8_closure9_closure10_closure12_closure14_closure16.class (File name too long)

When I commented back in the validTo everything went melt-down.

List gsmList = DistributionText.where {
  status.enabled==true &&
  status.ok==false &&
  status.validFrom <= new Date() && 

//status.validTo >= new Date() &&
  status.station != null &&
  channelCode=="FOO" &&
  language == "eng"

I can't figure out why this happens! The filename isn't over the Linux file length limit. 

I've seen this before when JSON marshalling really deep objects. (the workaroud then, was to create a map from intended object, and serialize the map instead)

So, what to do when you really don't understand the error in front of you? Escape! So I that's what I did - I rewrote to rewrote to Hibernate Criterion.

List<DistributionText> gsmList = DistributionText.createCriteria().list {
status {
  eq("enabled", true)
  eq("ok", false)
  le("validFrom", new Date())
  ge("validTo", new Date())
eq("channelCode", "FOO")
eq("language", "eng")

I kinda like better the Groovy DSL/where to this Hibernate syntax, so if you find out how to get around the File Name Too Long, please leave a comment.

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  1. I would recommend you to try Long Path Tool program to fix this problem