24 January 2010

Android app published 1 week ago

I'm trying to figure out what to make of the download/active installs figures I get in the Android Market -console. As to how much activity there really is in the android market.

After exactly 1 week from publishing, the new free app workout rotation diary has 941 downloads and 578 current installs.

It's not much, but not terrible either. I've made no effort in promoting or marketing it anywhere. Except my personal Twitter and Facebook, which spans a maximum total of 200 people. Where I figure less than 10% to be people who remotely care about the subject.

In as little as a week no active installs can be regarded as users. So I figured the downloads being mere curiosity downloads or try-outs.

The category for the app is Health, which is not the hottest category in android market. At least not in my view. It's a boring category for most people who want cool gadgets and show-offs in these early days of Android. (this is purely based on gut feeling on my part of course).

Most people using android phones are tech heads and early adapters. The non-tech moms and dads will hopefully come around in.... a year(?)

We'll see what happens, and what feedback it gets (comments and the ratings). I'll keep posting about it if it takes any turns. I'm considering promoting it in various health and fitness forums and sites, but haven't decided if I'll bother yet.


13 January 2010

Developing Android apps -> get familiar with ApiDemos

... just another beginner tip I thought Id'e put out there in case it saves anyone some time.

When starting off with Android development, you'll immediately start wondering how basic stuff is done and you'll need example code. Like how to get a menu in your app, how to launch new Activities and how to get data into your Spinner (aka drop down)

My second best tip for this is to get ApiDemos into your workspace.

You'll find it here:android-sdk/platforms/android-2.0/samples/ApiDemos
(replace the SDK version for what you're using obviously)

File -> New -> Other -> Android Project.
Select "Create project from existing sample"

Fire it up in your emulator and start clicking about. The app is brilliantly organized and you'll find everything pretty quickly after spending a few minutes toying with it. I got quite few ideas and gotchas just by clicking around looking.

The only downside with ApiDemo that it has complex reflection-like bootstrap, which makes it a bit hard to see how they actually start activities. So sometimes it's hard to find the source by tracking it. I ignored the bootup and took up the habbit of just doing a source search based on guessing, or click through the namespaces - you'll figure it out as I did I'm sure.

The silly #1 tip you already know: Google it ffs ;)

Lastly I'll add that the Common Tasks -page on the android site is quite useful.