05 May 2016

Windows 10 - United States International AltGr No Dead Keys

I use US keyboard. However I loose my native æøå letters if I use standard US layout. AltGR No Dead Keys fixes this problem.
AltGR + z makes the "æ"
AltGr + l makes the "ø"
AltGr + w makes the "å"

Holding shift makes them uppercased.

I couldn't figure out how to use the .klc file I've used in previous Windows versions. So I ended up having to make a .msi installer in "Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator". Tedious stuff, so I decided to put it in my blog where I (and maybe you) can get it from in the future.


PS. You shouldn't trust executables from random blogs, like here. So honoring that best practice I recommend you use the .klc keyboard layout file and create the .msi using Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator yourself.