18 January 2013

Cheat sheet: ssh + screen + irssi

Cheat Sheet: SSH + IRSSI + SCREEN 

1. ssh user@myserver
2. screen -r  resumes your screen. screen starts a new one, then type irssi
3. /server irc.freenode.org to connect to the server. /join #channelName to join a channel
4. /wc leaves a channel.
5. <ctrl+a d> detaches screen, type exit to leave your ssh session

Other commands

screen -rd forcefully takes the screen session. In case it's attached elsewhere.

You may have started 2 screens by accident. You'll get an output like so.
finn@stubuntu:~$ screen -r
There are several suitable screens on:
8851.pts-0.stubuntu (01/18/2013 03:14:32 PM) (Detached)
2339.pts-2.stubuntu (01/01/2013 05:00:24 PM) (Detached)
Type "screen [-d] -r [pid.]tty.host" to resume one of them.

This is anoying, and you'll want to kill one. type screen -r 2339 to access that particular one and preferably kill it.

irssi channel switching
<Alt + 1> The IRC console output.
<Alt + 2> The first channel
<Alt + 3> The second channel

In irrsi, change nick by typing /nick mynewnick

Make an extra terminal session within screen, if you wanna do other stuff than irssi.
<ctrl+a c>

Switch terminal session, in screen, if you have many
<ctrl+a 0> the first
<ctrl+a 1> the second

You terminate an individual screen terminal session with exit. When all sessions are terminated, screen dies also.

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